María Dolores Cruz
Region 2 Representative

Hello colleagues,
I walked the halls in Sacramento alongside many of our colleagues lobbying for our Senate Bill in 2003. I was also able to garner support for our Senate Bill from local unions such as UFWA.
While serving as Co-Chair and then Education Chair, I drove up and down the San Francisco hills for monthly meetings for several years. I have filed and won grievances for our members during my many years as steward. For a short time, I served as mobilizer, able to bring together support from our members, court staff, attorneys, leaders of our sister unions and independent contractors.
We are living through one of the most arduous and divisive times in our profession. It is up to each and everyone one of us to moving forward together. To bring our profession back to the active powerful group we know we are.  We are 750, 000 strong. When we picket or strike we will call on our sister unions to join us so that we have stronger numbers. It is time to fight effectively for a fair wage. Some of our laws have now become cumbersome; it is time to change legislation so that we can have an equitable chance at the negotiation table. It’s time to use modern technology to communicate efficiently and quickly with our membership so that everyone is equally informed.
During the last 29 years I have worked for several courts and regions. I have become familiar with many of the issues that plague our profession. I invite each one of you, let’s mend our differences, and let’s work on solutions. To quote La Señora Dolores Huerta, “Si se Puede.”  Join me, let's move forward together.
In addition to your vote for me, I ask that you also cast your vote for my fellow candidates in the Moving Forward Together slate. They are: Pedro Ramirez-Nava, Daniel Kaufman, Anne McGinn,  LouLou Tovar, and Tyler T. Nguyen.
Please visit our website,
Thank you
María Dolores Cruz