Laura Carranza
Region 1 Executive Board

I am running as Region 1 Representative in the hopes of serving in a like minded board that can get things done. I am concerned with the recent events within our union that have set us back, for example: the firing of our Sacramento lobbyist thus causing a detrimental change in budgetary language for interpreters; the firing of Mary Lou Aranguren, our most accomplished negotiator to date; and the pending lawsuit against our former volunteer elected officials.

I believe we should work on a state wide bargaining program and in building a more effective union based on self-determination and member involvement. No more divide and conquer by a parent organization who failed to produce financial reports or a budget, unlike what our elected officials have done until now. Yes. I am for transparency.

Have you ever seen any court employee group go on an indefinite extended strike like we did in 2007? That was TNG-CWA's advice to us early on in our bargaining experience. TNG-CWA does not understand the public sector. We need to explore our options. Shutting down this conversation is not good governing. Whatever the membership decides based on a healthy discussion and voting should be respected, and I promise to respect that decision whatever the outcome.

I have not served in an elected position before, but I am paying attention and have common sense. I also have a law degree and labor law was in my curriculum. I work in a large Los Angeles Court building with many long time interpreters and new hires. I am a good listener. Should I be elected, I promise to do my job as your representative for Region 1.