My name is Anne McGinn. I am running for Region 1 representative as part of the MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER slate in the upcoming elections. I am a founding member of CFI and have been active in our organization since the beginning of my career as a Spanish interpreter. I have always been an advocate for the betterment of our profession – fully benefitted employee status, better working conditions, team interpreting, fair and equitable wage compensation, and recognition of Court interpreters as valued professionals at the local and state levels. Recently I served on 2014 bargaining committee in R1, and am a shop steward and mobilizer for our Local 39000.
I have been there during our organization’s darkest hours and our greatest achievements. Once again, we find ourselves at a turning point that is both challenging and exciting. We have an opportunity now to Move Forward Together to create a strong, transparent, and united professional organization, one that will lead us into the future.
As your R1 rep, I shall promote region-wide communication among the membership and encourage participation in CFI’s affairs. After all, we are CFI! The leaders should serve as humble servants to the people who will democratically govern according to our bylaws and the mandate of the membership. Establishing online forums, scheduling more frequent local meetings, developing telephone trees, and having court reps in each courthouse are a few of the things I envision.
I shall represent the interests of our region to the CFI Executive Board, serve as advisory member to the regional bargaining committees, and engage in statewide issues to foster collaboration and solidarity with the other regions. Providing meaningful input to the California Judicial Council regarding interpreter ethics, pay parity with federal interpreters, the correct usage of VRI, and working with our lobbyist in Sacramento to influence impactful legislation on our behalf, are just some of the vital issues to which I and my team will devote ourselves.
We are headed toward a brighter, stronger future. Stay strong and take heart! I encourage you to vote for me and my fellow candidates on the MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER slate. They are Pedro Ramirez Navas for president, Daniel Kaufman for vice-president, LouLou Tovar for treasurer, Carmen Ramos for secretary, Tyler Nguyen for R3 representative, Maria Cruz for R2 representative, and Marianne Franco for free-lance representative.