Important Update to R4 Members:

Dear Region 4,

We know you’ve been waiting to hear from us, and we’re here to tell you that we’ve also been waiting to hear from the Region just as long, and that we are still painfully waiting.

Where’s   The   Fairness

As you know, we went into mediation in good faith to reach closure twice, on September 4 in Orange County and on September 30 in San Diego, but unfortunately found that the mediation process was not successful. We regret that we cannot share details regarding the mediation process since we are precluded from doing so due to a confidentiality agreement that we were required to sign.  At the same time that we advised the Courts that we wanted to cease mediation, we also asked to return to the table to complete bargaining.  That was on October 3rd.  We asked to meet within 10 days from that date.  Since then we have repeatedly requested to return to the table and have offered creative approaches to reaching closure – such as submitting our position and the Court’s position on remaining issues to binding mediation.  The Region has failed and refused to respond to our request for bargaining or to our suggested alternative avenues for resolving the narrow remaining issues. We believe that the Region is acting in bad faith in violation of the law, and that the Region’s misconduct appears to be part of a state-wide practice since Region 3 management has similarly refused to provide bargaining dates since August, 2019, resulting in the filing of a ULP yesterday.

Where’s the fairness?  Ask your manager or supervisor if you have a chance. Shoot them an email. Send them a postcard. Ask your steward to place this announcement on the CFI board in your building. We will not give up.

In Unity,

Your bargaining committee,

LouLou Tovar
Maria Benitez
Jackie Ruiz 
Ana Fuller
Silvia San Martín
Ed Venegas – Spokesperson
Laurie Burgess – Lead Spokesperson


Dear Region 1 Members,

This message is to further inform you regarding some proper compensation levels that have come up regarding the “longevity bonus” paid out last September, and the actions taken by the Local to resolve the matter. LASC administration has responded to our concerns regarding the amount received by those who the Union sees as fully qualifying members.

The administration has confirmed that indeed several members did not receive the correct amount, or no amount at all, and in a conversation that local president Mike Ferreira had with Joi Williams, deputy director of Equity and Labor Relations, she indicated that the Court will conduct an audit to correct this issue. 
At this moment we are holding back on a previous decision to file a grievance on behalf of our members while the Court works to remedy the situation. However, should it become necessary, the Union always reserves the right to exercise this action in the future. Please stay tuned, there will be more information soon.
Should you have any further questions about the matter, please contact us at the emails below.

In solidarity,

Victoria Rea – [email protected] 
Pedro Ramirez Navas – pedrobramireznava[email protected]
(LASC “Children’s Court” Stewards)

Dear CFI Members, 
Your local is sending out the clarion’s call for people who are interested in becoming stewards! In accordance with Article III, Section 9 of our Bylaws, we are asking for nominations for stewards to serve at your work site, or within your home court’s jurisdiction; yes, that means that even if you’re not sure if you personally wish to become a steward, you can nominate someone you believe would be a good candidate, and we will ask then to join our northern California training.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are unsure whether you want to commit to becoming a steward, you are still invited to find out what the “front line” of the labor movement looks like. 
The training is mandatory for anyone who wishes to be added to the steward lists for their Region/County. Some of the topics to be covered are:
-      Union structure, guiding documents, and protocols.
-      Role, Rights, and Responsibilities of a union steward.
-      How to memorialize, share communications, and collaborate on representation issues.
-      Grievances and their processing; arbitrations and their preparations; unfair labor practice filings (Public Employee Relations Board).
-      Open discussion about any issue of interest or concern..
The projected target for a weekend training date is sometime at the end of November, beginning of December; those who respond will be updated as to the time and place. The morning session will be primarily geared towards new stewards, and the afternoon will have some more specific foci for experienced stewards; we are arranging for our legal counsel, to give a presentation on labor issues to be aware of, as a steward. 

Please send your name and contact info to [email protected] with the subject line of Northern California Steward Training 2019. We look forward to seeing you there!
All my best, in solidarity

Michael Ferreira
CFI Local 39000 TNG-CWA

CFI local 39000 presents:

2019 Seminar

November 2nd AND 3rd  at Pasadena College


(Until October 23rd)

Use Code CFI 2019

We cannot issue a credit if you do not use the special code. 




Daniel Tamayo

Accuracy and Flow in Interpretation
November 2nd, 6 CIMCE units
In this highly interactive 6-hour workshop, the presenter will share translation and interpretation concepts and strategies that will help interpreters improve the accuracy and flow of their oral renditions and their written translations. 

Monica Almada

Inside the Mind of the Interpreter
November 3rd, 3 CIMCE units
This course will focus on the mind and its intricacies. The Anatheoresis psychotherapy method will be presented for a perspective on the subject. The emotional, mental and physical aspects of the interpreter are explained in this course, and participants will do an exercise to explore the mind and improve mental clarity. 


Antonio Lopez Pelayo
The Evolution of Court Interpreting in California 
November 3rd, 3 CIMCE units.
The purpose of this interactive 3-hour long seminar is to explore the evolution of the field of interpreting, from mere bilinguals to a career path and beyond. We will examine important events that were milestones in the profession. Furthermore, we will take another look at the Model contract, the universal per diem, the transition from Municipal Courts to Superior Courts. In general, we’ll evaluate the current state of the profession and the direction it’s taking.




Dear CFI Members:

Please consider participating in the training below hosted by the LA Fed.

Thank you!


Hello Sisters and Brothers-   
The LA Fed will be offering a "Disaster Preparedness and Dealing with Active Shooters"  training on Saturday, October 5th, from 9 am- 11 am. You and your members may register on the link below. The training will be held at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, 2130 W. James M. Wood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90006. (see attached flyer)
Please share this training opportunity with your members and encourage them to register early, we plan to stop the registration at 70.  
Here's more information regarding our training:           
We are proud to announce our newest Union Resiliency Training where we will be covering disaster preparedness and dealing with an active shooter. Learn to prepare your home and your office for a major disaster and how to survive an active shooter incident.  
PREPAREU (9am-10am)
Disaster Preparedness Education for Individuals and families, presenter- Red Cross, Joselito Garcia Ruiz - 9 am to 10 am.
Run, Hide, Fight (10am-11am)
Active Shooter Situations, presenter- Retired Probation Officer Daniel Montez
Please plan to join us and let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to seeing you on Oct 5th. (breakfast will be provided)
Thank you, In Unity, 
Armando Olivas, Consultant
LA Fed
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