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As a freelance or employee member of CFI, you enjoy discounts on continuing education seminars and conferences, stay informed with news on legislative efforts, professional developments, and labor issues. And get work from your listing in the referral directory. Log in to take advantage of your member benefits.

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Membership Categories

  • Student/Supporter
    Non-certified/non-registered interpreters, students and supporters. Join now!
  • Professional
    Court, administrative hearing or medical certified; court registered; federal court or state department certified; ATA or NAJIT certified. Note that members must be certified or registered with the Judicial Council of California to be listed in our referral directory.
  • Employee
    To enjoy full membership privileges and vote as a union member, you must have a signed Employee Membership Form on file with CFI. Member dues are collected through payroll deductions, and payment of dues or fair share fees is a condition of employment under our contracts. If dues or fair share fees are not being deducted from your paycheck contact us with any questions or fill out and return the Payroll Authorization Card along with your membership form.

CFI member dues are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Additional contributions may be deductible as a business expense. Consult with your tax advisor for more detailed information.