CFI Local 39000

Welcome 2016-2017 Officers

On behalf of all CFI members, I would like to welcome our brand new officers who have so generously agreed to give their valuable personal time to running our interpreter only union for the next two years. It has been my privilege to serve as president for the first twelve months of life of CFI Local 39000 and I look forward to all the challenges that lie ahead knowing we have such a talented group of people at the helm.

I am also aware that we have submitted the members to a barrage of elections and referendums for the past two and a half years and that emotions ran high at times – sometimes painfully so.  Please accept my apologies for whatever discomfort these growing pains may have caused you. We have always come through in spite of all the adversities and will continue to do so over the next 24 months.

Remember, this is your representative body and we’re always there for you. 

Stay informed and get involved.

See you soon…

ariel torrone

President CFI Local 39000