Officer and Referendum Election Results

SANTA FE SPRINGS _ The Elections Committee announces the following results of the officer elections and CFI referendum:

President: Ariel Torrone

Vice President: Lucy Flores

Treasurer: Jeff Wilson

Secretary: Gabrielle Veit-Bermudez

Region 1 Representative: Naoyuki Ikeuchi

Region 2 Representative: Naomi Adelson

Region 3 Representative: Sharmen Gragirena Lewis

Region 4 Representative: Luis Araoz

Freelance Chair: Joel Rubert

Referendum to dissolve CFI, Inc. as a stand alone professional organization: Yes

Fifteen observers attended the vote count, which began on Saturday, Dec. 19 and continued into the early hours of Sunday, Dec. 20. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Your Election Committee:

Mirtha Sanchez, Chair

Blake Whitehead

Monica Sottolani