Region 4, Bargaining Update

May 9, 2019 Riverside 

In a nutshell:
- Time-back purchase option requested to be discussed among management 
- We pressed for bargaining dates in Orange County
- 9 million more in the Interpreter’s Budget. 
- VRI proposal in a good faith effort to reach common ground. 
- Wages: Still pending
The Court’s brought back their team of 14 for this bargaining session. 
There was discussion on the following: 
The Governor added another 9 million to the Interpreter Budget. We informed Wiley of this additional money and he insist that it is irrelevant and that the interpreter’s budget had a deficit of 13 million this additional 9 million will only reduce the gap from a 13 million deficit. in the budget to a 5 million deficit. 
Your bargaining team has been attempting to get specific data about IC’s for weeks. Some information was finally made available to us at the table, which we will analyze in the next few days. 
Wiley indicated the information on how much money is being used from our budget to pay IC’s is not relevant. Your team believes it is relevant.
Charges have been filed for unfair labor practices providing, among other things, an explanation of its relevance.
Higher wages: 
Our spokesperson pressed for higher wages and defined us as “highly skilled workers not being compensated accordingly.” She indicated a 0.5 increase was a sign of bad faith. Wiley said other employees from other units received between 0 and 3% and that the 4.5% increase they proposed for us is closer to being realistic to where we’re going to finish than the 23% increase that we proposed. 
He’s reasoning for this is that there is no turnover in our field. Meaning interpreters are not resigning which is an indication that we are happy with our job, this is one of the criteria they are basing our wage increase on.
Your team prepared some changes and shared our VRI proposal. Wiley took a quick look at it, indicated we’re still far away, and announced he had to leave. Meeting concluded at four. 
It’s time for us to join forces. Start mobilizing and start showing the courts that we are a united force. Our jobs and livelihood are at stake. We can’t just cross our arms and watch them try to destroy our profession. It’s time to take our profession back!  The issues at the table do not only affect Region 4 interpreters. They will affect all employee interpreters.  We need to show the courts our statewide strength. 
Your bargaining team is aware of the impact VRI will have on our profession, and of the wage increase that our highly skilled profession deserves: therefore, we will be working diligently to take into account all possible impacts of their proposals before we make our decision on the pending issues. 
We appreciate you standing by your bargaining team, but things are getting real, and we need EVERYONE’S  support to achieve the best contract possible for ALL.  We are in this together.  UNITED we BARGAIN… DIVIDED we BEG. 
Our unity is our strength by presenting a united front before administration we show our power.  
A big “thank you!” to Myrna and Olivia from Riverside, Gary from San Bernardino, Shalom from San Diego for taking time off to Watch and Support. 


We encourage you to attend the negotiations. If you will be participating in the Watch & Support please submit your time off request today, and email us at [email protected] to reserve your spot. 
Our next bargaining session is scheduled for June 10, 2019 in Orange County and June 28, 2019 in San Diego. 
Please support your bargaining team by wearing red on the days we are at the table and also every Wednesday. 
In union there is strength. It’s the “U” and “I” in union that makes us strong.
In Solidarity, 

Your Region 4, Bargaining Team 
CFI Local 39000, CWA-TNG

Maria Benitez
Jackie Ruiz
Silvia San Martin 
LouLou Tovar
Ana Fuller
Laurie Burgess- Lead Spokesperson 
Ed Venegas- Spokesperson