Our Right To Vote


CFI members:

At the end of October 2018 and after the Local board was removed, I was asked to take over the Local to address administration issues. As the Temporary Administrator, I was made aware of the issues which had forced the Local into receivership. Those issues included but were not limited to the misappropriation of Local Funds, as well as attempts to undermine the union structure. Per the CWA constitution and the Department of Labor guidelines, certain Eboard members were charged with violations, then found guilty in court hearings. Since then, we have attempted to address the many issues and problems faced on a daily basis by our members. 

Unfortunately, the guilty ex-board members have continued to try and wreak havoc on the Local and the membership at large. They have continued to disseminate false informational well as outright lies not just about the Local but about what it was that they attempted to do with the Local and the union member’s monies. 

Beyond this, the Union has determine that it is now time to return the local to self governance. Contrary to the lies and misrepresentations being spread by the “CFI Recovery” group, this was a determination made by the Union, in consultation with the DOL, not by the DOL.

We are now in the middle of arrangements for the election of individuals who believe they would like to run for one of the available board positions.  The sad truth is, the CFI Recovery group and their supporters are advising members to boycott this election. Why is that? For their own selfish reasons!  A boycott of the election means you throw away your right to have a voice in who you want as your leaders. You also erode your say as to what goals your Local will be striving to gain. The question is, are you prepared to throw everything away just to satisfy the vengeance of a few individuals, Or are you ready to help in rebuilding CFI Local 39000 and turn it into what it should be, The trend setter for Public Employees in California. This Local has the potential, don’t give it away to malcontent,s failed ex- Eboard members. 


In Unity,

Ed Venegas