Region 1 Bargaining Update

May 21 and May 22, 2018, Santa Fe Springs 

The Bargaining Committee met with Court Administration in Santa Fe Springs for a two-day marathon session.  Today's session was marked by discord as we continue to get stonewalled as our reasonable requests continue to be dismissed with very little engagement on their part.  
The following is a synopsis of the latest developments in our contract negotiations: 
Tentative Agreements
Court Administration and your Bargaining Team reached the following tentative agreements:
  • SLO  Side Letter relating to benefits
  • Article 19.3 side letter relating to cross assignments
  • Article 8 - Discipline and Discharge
  • Article 22 - Professional Conduct, Standards and Conditions 
Article 21 - Salary 
The wage proposal has not yet been resolved.  We continue to vigorously pursue longevity increases (steps).  On Monday Region 1 proposed an additional .75% over three years (an additional .25% each year) contingent upon our abandoning steps.  Previously  we proposed a 2% adjustment for those certified/registered in more than one language.   We then countered with 1% for each additional language pair for all hours paid and Region 1 accepted.  
Article 23 - Education and Training Opportunities
There was some movement on the payment of annual renewal fees and we continue to push for a more inclusive offer.  In addition, Region 1 offered increased in-house CIMCE credits up to 15 hours over two calendar years.
Article 18  - Interpreter Assignments
Several times we have attempted to address the docking  of pay for employees who receive same-day assignments and our efforts were rejected.   
Upcoming Bargaining dates
The Court has decided that other open contract negotiations are more important than meeting with us.  As a result, the earliest date we could agree to is August 2nd at an as-yet undetermined location at 10 am.  They refused to commit to more that one day.   “A” and “C” status interpreters should send in their RTOs  to observe the negotiations first-hand. 
In solidarity… 
Your Region 1 Bargaining Team 
CFI Local 39000, CWA-TNG 
Pedro Ramírez-Navas 
Daniel Kaufman  
Doris Vick  
Michael Ferreira  
Robert Guerrero  
Caren Sencer, Spokesperson