Region 1 Bargaining Update

May 11, 2018, Santa Fe Springs 

The Bargaining Committee met with Court Administration today in Santa Fe Springs, and the following is a synopsis of the latest developments in our contract negotiations: 

Caren Sencer, our spokesperson, has returned from bereavement leave and was present at today's session.
Tentative Agreements
Court Administration and your Bargaining Team reached the following tentative agreements:
  • Article 4 - Authorized Agents
  • Article 16 - Employment Status
  • Article 28.6 - Leaves of Absence
  • Santa Barbara Side Letter - Benefits
Article 23 - Education and Training Opportunities
The Court clarified that the up to 6 hours of continuing education offered by the Court in a calendar year qualify for CIMCE credit.
The Region is studying our proposal for reimbursement of continuing education costs.
Article 18 – Assignments 
The Region continues to study our proposal to remove this subject from current bargaining with an eye towards reopening this issue when the computerized assignment system is ready to look at.
Article 21 - Salary 
The wage proposal has not yet been resolved.  We continue to vigorously pursue longevity increases (steps).  At the last session we proposed a 2% adjustment for those certified/registered in more than one language.  Today the Court countered with 1% for each additional language pair.  We are studying their response.
Article 28 - Leaves of Absence
Traditionally the Court has paid for caucus time for up to five members of the Bargaining Committee to prepare for negotiations.  In 2017 Mr. Wiley (Region 1 Spokesperson) said that the Courts would not pay for this essential time.  The issue has continued to be raised throughout this round of negotiations.  Today Mr. Wiley stated that no additional organizational leave would be granted through the LA County Courts until the Local has paid the $11,217.29 at issue here.
Upcoming Bargaining dates
We hope to see you at our upcoming bargaining dates which have been confirmed for Monday, May 21 Tuesday, May 22 at the Santa Fe Springs Local office at 10 am.   “A” and “C” status interpreters should send in their RTOs today to observe the negotiations first-hand. 
Bargaining Meeting 
You will have an opportunity to meet this Saturday with members of the Bargaining Committee for a “State of Bargaining” report.  We will give an overview of where things presently stand in the negotiations process, and we will address questions you may have.  Remember to review the Bargaining Chart available in the Members Only section of the CFI member website. The chart will be updated to include today's results as soon as possible.


This Saturday meeting is open to all members in good standing of the union in Region 1.  Therefore, people from other regions, freelancers or associate members will not be permitted to attend.

The meeting is specifically to address the Region 1 contract bargaining and mobilization and will take place on Saturday, May 12 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the CFI Local 39000 offices located at 12215 N. Telegraph Rd., Suite 210, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.   

In solidarity… 
Your Region 1 Bargaining Team 
CFI Local 39000, CWA-TNG 
Pedro Ramírez-Navas 
Daniel Kaufman  
Doris Vick  
Michael Ferreira  
Robert Guerrero  
Caren Sencer, Spokesperson