CFI Election – NOTICE URGENT                                           

March 9, 2018

Dear Members,
We have heard from some members who lost or never got their ballots.  The requests (after verifying the addresses) have been sent on to Ballotpoint to issue the new ballots.
Ballotpoint had a delay in the printed ballots due to the Mid-West storms.  In order to be sure that every member has the opportunity to vote – The Election Committee, after consultation with the CWA General Counsel, has decided to delay the counting of the ballots.
Members will have until 5pm on Thursday March 15 to request a replacement ballot.  You must email your request, with your address (and your name) where you want the ballot sent to:
[email protected]
Ballots will now be counted at the Santa Fe Springs Office on Thursday March 29th at 10am.
Ballots must be mailed to the Post Office Box and be there on Thursday March 29th when the Election Committee collects the mail for counting.
If you still have your ballot – get it in the mail, please.  Don’t wait for the last minute.
If you open your ballot envelope and discover that you are missing one of the envelopes or the ballot, let us know right away:  [email protected]
If you never got your ballot – let us know right away…..don’t wait for the last minute. 
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator