CFI Local Update 

March 2, 2018

Dear Members of CFI,
Most members have now received their ballots.  If you have not gotten yours in your Saturday mail, please email us with your address, and note if you have moved in the last year.  Send your email to: [email protected]
If you have a different address than the one in the database, the check of the US Postal Service that was done by Ballotpoint’s mailing house on the addresses that we provided should have picked up a new address and the ballot was mailed to your current address of record.
How to Cast Your Ballot
Please be sure to mark your ballot – do not write on it or mark other than the “bubble” in black ink as per these instructions.  These are machine scanned to be counted.
Put your marked ballot in the secret ballot envelope.  Seal that envelope – no marks on the outside.
Put the sealed secret ballot in the large return envelope.  Please put your return address on the outside envelope, this is so that if there is a problem with the US Mail it will come back to you and you can re-mail it to the Post Office Box.
The barcode on the outside of the return envelope will be used to confirm that it is from a registered voter in the database that was sent from the Local to Ballotpoint.  This is how a duplicate ballot will be identified so that no member gets two ballots in the case of a requested replacement/lost ballot.
New Members
The Local always accepts new members, with an application and dues checkoff forms for those employed by the courts, those must be sent to the Southern California office for processing.  Freelance members may join by applying on the website and payment of the $50 annual fee.
These classifications of members may vote in the election.  But after Monday March 5th we will not be able to get ballots mailed out in time for members to return them by mail to be in the Post Office box before the pickup for counting on March 15th.
If you have friends who want to join, please have them email us immediately and we will get applications out to them (via email) if they work at the courts. Freelance members may join on the website.
Obviously, we will be happy to have people join, but after the first part next week, joining in order to vote in this election won’t be possible.
We hope for a 100% return, please mail you ballot right away so that there is time for it to get back to the Post Office before the counting date.  Ballots not in the post office box on Wednesday March 15 at 10am when the Election Committee (with a representative of Ballotpoint) picks up the mail – will not be counted.  Counting is not based upon postmark.  Ballot must be returned by mail – it cannot be hand carried to the office – and be there by the morning of March 15th.
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator