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Upcoming Hearing


April 21, 2017

The hearing into the issues of the Temporary Administration will take place next week.  The hearing will commence at the Santa Fe Springs office on Monday April 24th at 9am and will continue each day until concluded.
CWA District 9 Office
12215 N. Telegraph Road Suite 210
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
The hearing was ordered by the Communications Workers of America, and postponed from earlier this spring when efforts were made to negotiate a settlement with the former officers.  The hearing officer is CWA District 7 Vice President Brenda Roberts. 
Members of the Local who wish to attend are welcome , but please be aware that you will be observing, there is no provision for comments from observers in this process.  Since the hearing will conclude when all evidence has been presented, and arguments made, we cannot predict the schedule.
Please feel free to check with the Southern California office, and our office staff can let you know if the case is likely to continue into the next day.
Finally, the rules of the national union mandate that the Local cannot pay for the expenses or salary loss for any member of the Local to participate in the hearing.
Carrie Biggs-Adams
Temporary Administrator


R3 Bargaining Bulletin #10

Interpreters Say No to Region 3 Offer 

SACRAMENTO (April 7, 2017) _ Interpreters in Region 3 have resoundingly rejected the Last Best and Final Offer (LBFO) presented at the March 15 bargaining session.

Ninety-six percent of those voting rejected the proposed three-year contract, with 67.5 % of members turning out to vote. Ninety-five percent of the Region’s 88 employees are union members and eligible to vote.
Voting took place at three in-person meetings held after work this week in Kern, Merced and Sacramento counties. Members heard from the bargaining committee and discussed the Region’s offer, weighing the growing pay disparities and proposed concessions in employment rights against the wage offer.

Participation was high and sentiments against proposals to strip away employee rights prevailed, along with a broad consensus that more progress on wages is needed to address fairness and equity issues.

Many thanks to all who were able to come out and vote on these important issues. Your bargaining team will press forward to reach a contract agreement that protects employment security and makes greater progress toward recognizing our value within the court system.


R3 Bargaining Bulletin #9

Region 3's Last Best and Final Offer

Sacramento_ (March 20, 2017) Last Wednesday, Region 3 presented a “last best final offer” (LBFO) to your bargaining committee. The Region’s negotiator did not formally declare impasse, but shut down negotiations nonetheless.


R3 Bargaining Bulletin #8

Back at the Table but Still Far Apart on Wages

SAN JOAQUIN (Feb 23, 2017) _ CFI’s Region 3 negotiating team returned to the bargaining table on Tuesday after a two month hiatus, putting forward a compensation proposal that would provide interpreters with fairness and equity in compensation.

The Region 3 courts’ negotiator responded to the proposal by saying the two sides are still far apart on wages and continued to demand that employees give away statutory rights in order to get fair wages.


Bargaining Update Reg-2

Region’s Wage Move Not Enough Given Elimination of Pension Benefits

SAN FRANCISCO (Feb. 17, 2017) _ Region 2 moved its wage proposal up to provide a 14% increase over 3 years by implementing a salary range for interpreters. That’s 2% more than their last offer, but the Region still refuses to address the loss of pay interpreters across the region have felt due to the elimination of certain pension benefits paid by the employer. This makes the actual wage improvement for the majority of interpreters in the Region significantly lower.
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