Marianne Franco

Freelance Representative


My name is Marianne Franco and I am running for the position of Freelance Representative on the CFI Executive Board. I have become a freelance interpreter very recently after being a part time employee of San Joaquin County Superior Court for 12 years. As a part time employee with neither health insurance nor retirement benefits, there was really no incentive for me to remain on as an employee. I would like to represent freelance interpreters in CFI so that we can all work together to achieve the recognition and compensation that we all deserve. I believe that it is imperative for freelance interpreters and employees to present a united front and to have the backing of a strong union so that our bargaining sessions can have meaningful outcomes for all interpreters.

In addition to your vote for me, please also cast your vote for my fellow candidates on the Moving Forward Together slate. They are Pedro Ramirez-Navas, LouLou Tovar, Carmen Ramos, Tyler Nguyen, Anne McGinn and Marianne Franco. We're working together to usher in a new era of CFI leadership and advancement for our profession. Vote for a brighter future together now! Visit: