CIMCE Compliance

Description of Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education requirements, links to CFI CIMCE numbers.


Interpreters certified and registered by the California Judicial Council must fulfill continuing education requirements and submit proof every two years. The official name in California for interpreter continuing education is "CIMCE" (pronounced "SIM-see"), and it stands for "Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education". There is an additional requirement to list 40 instances of legal interpreting. Everyone must submit a $100 renewal fee every year, regardless of compliance.

The CIMCE requirement is to complete at least 30 hours during your 2-year compliance period. A minimum of 15 hours (credits/units) must be live, officially called "instructor-led" i.e. live instruction with access to the instructor. A maximum of 15 hours may be self-study, officially called "non-instructor-led".

CIMCE Numbers

In case you lose your completion certificate, CFI compiles lists of our live seminars and self-study activities each year.


The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) must receive your compliance paperwork by December 31 of the year listed on your certification badge sticker, i.e. at the end of your 2-year period. After Dec 31, the late fee is $50. If your compliance, renewal fee and late fee (total $150) are not received by the last day of February, you have until June 30 to submit your compliance, renewal plus a $250 reinstatement fee (total $350). After June 30, you lose your certification/registration and must go through the process again, including exams.


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