Katy Van Sant

CFI Treasurer

What’s the story with CFI and money?  Where do our dues go?  As treasurer of CFI I’ll make sure all members have complete clarity about the organization’s finances. 

I bring 16 years of CFI experience as a board member, conference organizer, bargaining committee member, and steward to this candidacy.  In 2004 I was the chair of BACI and worked closely with the CFI president from Southern California on a successful merger to create the current statewide organization, at which point I became vice president of the new CFI.  The formation of a statewide professional association and union was a moment of strength and celebration that I was proud to be a part of.

I am running on a slate and a platform that believes in self-determination and unity.  I believe in interpreters sticking together and kicking no one to the curb.  This is a tenet we have defended fervently since the inception of our organization.  A recent example in Region 2 bargaining – the courts tried to pressure us to throw part-time and as-needed members under the bus by not allowing them to move through salary steps annually.  Despite the fact that the majority of members in the region work full-time, we all stood up together against this injustice for our part-time and as-needed colleagues, walked out, rallied, wrote and resisted until the courts backed down and we achieved the highest raise in CFI history.  Similarly we went on strike in Region 2 in 2005 when bargaining our very first contract to ensure that our MOU respected those who must work in several counties by including seniority in cross assignments.  Our strike achieved that goal and gave us a name as a group that leaves no one behind.  I do not believe in expelling members from our union.  I do not believe in turning against one another because that weakens us as a single, unified group with common goals.

CFI is the only local that has ever endured an imposed temporary administration by CWA/TNG.  As we emerge from the trusteeship, if elected, I will advocate for advancing the goals of the previous board - strong representation, statewide bargaining and legislative programs, advocacy for language access and against misuse of VRI, and organizational improvements. 

I ask for your vote and offer my promise of commitment to the profession.