Delia Castro


Fellow interpreters: I am ready to volunteer my time to serve you as secretary of the executive board of directors.

I have a reputation for being organized and I pay attention to detail. I would like to put my communication skills to work for the good of our profession. As a board member, I will do everything I can to protect our interests and I will use my time to find avenues to improve our salary and benefits, our working conditions and our relationship with the Superior Court administration.

I am asking for your vote with enthusiasm and with great interest in the position. It is my desire to contribute with ideas and support to a united front against future challenges, such as the up-coming contract negotiations in Region 4. I have always admired and appreciated the work and commitment of past board members and I have been giving a lot of thought to contributing with dedication in honor of all those volunteers who have worked for us so hard.

We have gone through trying times and I want to be an important part of our healing process and a brighter future for all of us by listening and communicating with all. I have heard many opinions as to the issues that put our local in the hands of a temporary administrator and while I hear and understand my colleagues’ distress I also see the many ways in which, with good faith and clear and timely communication, our parent Union could have helped to avoid escalating the problem to the point it did.

As a steward or volunteering my time, I have kept members informed of issues and efforts to resolve them. I have attended steward training meetings, membership meetings, negotiation meetings as an observer and annual conferences as much as I could afford to. I have been involved in one way or another all the time since we became unionized. I believe in belonging to a union and I will strive to work with the board and the membership to transform our present union into a fair and strong one.

In the spirit of cohesiveness, I endorse Mary Lou Aranguren for President, Juan Ramirez for VP, Katy Van Sant for Treasurer, Laura Carranza for R1, Daniel Navarro for R2, and Chris Deruyte for R3.

Thank you for your trust.

Delia Castro